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Filter Refurbishment

We offer a filter refurbishment services where the following procedures are carried out:

  • Isolate and drain the filters and remove / dispose of the existing media, via skip.
  • Inspect the internal surfaces, collection and distribution systems. In the case of steel filters, the internal surface (above the collection system) to be shot-blasted to SA 2.5 quality, followed by the application of a high build, solvent free epoxy, to a minimum thickness of 1000 microns.
  • Replace the filter collection and distribution systems if required.
  • Load the filters with new filtration media.
  • Refit covers.
  • Following prolonged backwashing (in conjunction with the plant operator) the filters to be re-commissioned.

Access Manways

In order to comply with current Health & Safety legislation, (with respect to confined space access) it will be necessary to replace the existing low level sand removal hatches with larger access hatches.


Case Studies

Case studies are pdf files, so if you do not already have it then
If you want to download any of the pdfs then right mouse on the link and 'save as'.

Christleton High School - Case study on the filter refurbishment carried out at Christleton High School.